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Dry Island is designed and carried exclusively at our boutique / studio hybrid.

This is where we develop branding and product solutions for

small businesses interested in working with us.

Here is some of our most recent work through our branding studio, Plyler Premium.                   




Logo Design

Visual Identity

Apparel Design

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We create compelling visuals that remain true to the identity of your business. Don't have a business yet? We'll help you start up.





Whether it's custom apparel,

headwear, or promotional product, we provide options that fit into your budget and timeline.

Brand Analysis

media content


specific inquiries

Focus on what you do best; let us take care of the rest. We acquire a deeper understanding of your brand and help you grow.

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Eric's passion for branding began as an appreciation of relating to those around him. Hand printing one-off tees for high school friends in California was his first experience seeing his designs co-existing with the lives of others.


After having summered in Ocean City, New Jersey since birth, Eric officially moved to the island with his family in 2011. Shortly after, he launched Coastal Collaboration, a grassroots brand showcasing the similar and unique characteristics between the East and West surf communities. An overwhelming local acceptance and global social media following proved the brand successful in connecting talents around the world.


When opportunities became frequent, the decision to pursue his craft full-time was natural. Working closely with individuals, businesses and teams on visually supporting their unique stories, Eric’s branding studio was officially formed as Plyler Premium. Two years later, visually supporting the traditional rarity of Ocean City became a passion without a platform.


Then it became clear. Dry Island was formed in the winter of 2018 when Eric invested in a small but lovable space on 11th and Asbury. The shop opened in May of 2019 for the general good of all concerned. 


Striving to create a product that is relatable, Eric bases his approach on conversational design. All of the graphics for Dry Island are created in-house, and are created to cultivate a palatable fusion of story, irony, and honest appreciation of Ocean City, NJ.


Eric will continue to grow the brand with unique products, events, and other surprises. He encourages you to share your history with Dry Island.

Owner, Creative Director
Owen Verrill
Sales Associate

Owen started at Dry Island in June of 2019. His interest in design motivated him to work for the brand as he pursues a degree in engineering at Drexel University. Naturally skilled in writing and merchandising with a  logical approach, Owen uses these talents to benefit Dry Island on a regular basis.