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Eric Plyler ( sits down with Helene Beck (@coming_fromtheheartpodcast) to discuss Dry Island, creative branding, and graphic design.

We met Helene earlier in 2021 in a chance encounter at the store on Asbury in Ocean City. After learning about the strides she has made with her podcast, aptly named "Coming from the Heart", both parties thought it would be a wonderful idea to share stories on a more social platform.

Originally created as a mother-daughter podcast, "Coming from the Heart" provides a platform for Helene and her guests to speak on topics ranging from mental health and spiritual wellness to graphic design, performance art, and other creative outlets. Drawing from her own unique experiences as a college-level professor and extensive travel destinations, Helene forms meaningful connections with creators of all forms of media and entertainment. She looks for those with one-of-a-kind angles and ideas and strives to help provide a platform for others to discover, connect, and create.

In this hour-long episode, Helene and Eric discuss Dry Island's somewhat humble beginnings, the creative process behind our designs and products, and the balance between innovation and customer attentiveness.

In a segment on the history of the Prohibition Era in the United States, @france24 features in Ocean City, NJ.

"They are not just appreciating it for being dry, but they appreciate that fact that it being dry improves the value of life here." - Eric Plyler

With less than a year in the books as a brand in Ocean City, Dry Island's story aligns with Prohibition's timeline and lands some international coverage.

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